We are a credit repair company that offers credit corrections and specialize in restructuring and rebuilding your credit. Your scores will Increase according to how many Positive Accounts you have after we delete all of the Negative and Inaccurate accounts. If there are no Positive Accounts remaining then we have Credit Building Products that will help strengthen your credit scores.

Our Credit Repair Team is made up of Credit Experts that specialize in Debt Validations. We have analyzed and repaired credit for thousands over the years. We have extensive knowledge on consumer credit laws including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Transaction Act. We have helped thousands of clients enforce their credit rights and improve their credit scores which has allowed our clients to live the life they desire. We specialize in improving clients credit profiles and scores.

We Know :
• Laws that regulate the industry
• Fair Credit Reporting Act
• Fair and Accurate Transaction Act
• Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
• State Statute of Limitation on Debts.

At Wealthy Perception Credit Repair, we make credit repair simple. We do all of the work !

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We Get Guaranteed Results in 40 days!

• Our strategy is “We Go 3 Rounds Until We Knock It Out ”
• You will get results every 40 days!
• What other credit repair companies do in 3 years we do in 3 months.